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Get Cleaner Parts, Textiles & Industrial Equipment in Less Time with No Solvents!

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Let's face it, cleaning automotive parts, certain textiles and industrial equipment can be a daunting task that requires harmful chemicals and a lot of elbow grease. These chemicals are not only a hazard to you and the environment, but they also can damage the item being cleaned and can shorten its lifespan. Your time is also valuable...why jeopardize your bottomline when you can save time and money by letting GEM Ultrasonic Cleaning & Restoration clean these items for you... ultrasonically?!

We are the area's leader in Ultrasonic Cleaning Technology. Ultrasonic Cleaning is a safer, highly-effective and more environmentally- friendly way to get the best cleaning results in less time without the risk of damage to the item being cleaned. This process helps to increase the life of your automotive parts, textiles and industrial equipment, which saves you and your clients both time and money!

GEM Ultrasonic Cleaning & Restoration has special commercial pricing in place for those customers who could benefit by this incredible service.


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We Clean Auto Parts, Motorcycle Parts & Almost Any Industrial Item!