GEM Ultrasonic FAQs

Gem Ultrasonic FAQs

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What are your hours of operation?
We are open Monday through Friday from 9am - 5pm and by appointment for item drop off at our Matlack Street location. If a Saturday appointment is needed, we may be able to accommodate you by appointment pending our schedule availability.

Can I just stop by to drop off my blinds or items to be ultrasonically cleaned or repaired?
No. Please call our office at 610-429-0244 to schedule your drop off appointment.

Can you pick up my items for cleaning?
Yes, we can. However, we do charge a fee for pick up and delivery. Please contact our office at 610-429-0244 for more information and a quote.

If I order blinds/window treatments from you, can I just tell you what I want?
If you wish to purchase blinds/window treatments from us, please schedule an appointment to review our brands and selections as well as obtain a price quote. Also to ensure the proper fit and avoid order errors, we will professionally measure for your new blinds/window treatments and install.

What are your payment terms and methods?
Depending on whether you are a residential or commercial account, payment terms will vary. For most cleaning work, payment is due upon delivery or item re-installation. For blind/window treatment orders, your payment deposit requirement and terms will be listed on your quote. Currently, we accept cash, check or money orders, and credit cards.