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You open your blinds or shades and find stubborn caked on dust. You pull back your drapes and a cloud of dust makes you sneeze. You made an investment in beautiful blinds, that you absolutely love, but they no longer open correctly and have discolored...do you throw them out?

We have all experienced these scenarios, and it used to be that if these things happened to you, you were out of luck. Less than a few companies in the suburban Philadelphia area specialize in ultrasonic blind cleaning, GEM Ultrasonic Cleaning & Restoration just happens to be one of them as well as one of the best and widely used in Chester County, the Main LinePhiladelphia, Delaware County, all of Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware and New York. It is part of our ONE STOP. ONE SOLUTION. ONE PHONE CALL service.

With GEM's revolutionary ultrasonic cleaning technology, there is no limit to the type of blinds we can clean! 
All sizes and types: mini blinds, vertical blinds, wood, fabric, pleated, venetian and duette shades. Our ultrasonic cleaning method cleans the entire blind, lubricating and restoring the cords and head rails, cleaning the tapes and cleaning the odor off the blind.

In addition, we are one of the few companies that offer a blind repair service. Many times, blind components can be fixed; therefore, extending the life of your blind and saving money in the process.

So the next time you are faced with one of the scenarios above, don't lose hope that your blinds cannot be brought back to life! Just contact GEM Ultrasonic Cleaning & Restoration, and we will evaluate the condition of your blinds and window treatments and let you know if they can be cleaned and restored. Most times, they can, which saves you plenty of time and money.

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GEM Ultrasonic Cleaning & Restoration was voted #1 Blind Cleaning Company in Philadelphia, PA by the public in 2014 and received the MojoPages Award from myfoxphilly.com.